11.5" DWDKS Black & Gray Snake Infielder Glove
11.5" DWDKS Black & Gray Snake Infielder Glove
11.5" DWDKS Black & Gray Snake Infielder Glove

11.5" DWDKS Black & Gray Snake Infielder Glove

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Introducing the 11.5" DWDKS Black & Gray Snake Infielder Glove, a prized jewel from our Diamond King Series collection. Handcrafted with precision and passion, this remarkable glove is tailored for top-tier performance on the baseball field.

Crafted from premium steerhide leather, this glove is the epitome of excellence. The luxurious texture and durability of the leather make it an ideal choice for serious players seeking a reliable companion for their defensive endeavors. With each use, the glove molds to the player's hand, ensuring a custom fit that enhances comfort and control.

Part of the exclusive N2A - No Two Alike glove collection, this infielder glove boasts a distinctive Black & Gray Snake design that sets you apart from the competition. Each glove in this collection is a unique masterpiece, showcasing individuality and style, all while guaranteeing that no two customers will have the exact same glove.

Designed to elevate your defensive skills, the 11.5" DWDKS Infielder Glove empowers you to showcase your prowess on the field. Its precise 11.5-inch size strikes the perfect balance between maneuverability and a secure catch radius, granting you the ability to make lightning-fast plays and stellar grabs.

From the professional-level athlete to the aspiring young talent, this glove caters to all. Its versatile design makes it equally suitable for skilled infielders and passionate catchers, allowing them to excel in their respective positions and embrace the spirit of international baseball.

Unleash your potential and command the field with confidence, knowing that you have a glove crafted for champions. Elevate your game and unleash your true potential with the 11.5" DWDKS Black & Gray Snake Infielder Glove. Whether you're playing in local leagues or international tournaments, this glove ensures you stand out as a true baseball virtuoso.

Embrace the legacy of Diamond King Series gloves and experience the magic of a glove designed to be more than just a tool—it's an extension of your skills and passion for the game. Take the first step towards greatness and secure your place among the baseball elite. Invest in the 11.5" DWDKS Infielder Glove today and feel the unparalleled craftsmanship with every play you make on the diamond.







Diamond King Gloves & Mitts are designed with quality components to ensure a premium feel, built for strength, flexibility, performance and maximum swag.

However please be aware that over time general wear and tear or prolonged exposure to UV or moisture may impair the performance of your gear. We recommend you properly store, continuously maintained and replace broken components to ensure a safe and smooth journey.

If all fails, we've got you covered with free lifetime repairs on all fielding or training gloves and mitts, all part of our Glove Restoration+


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Take the field knowing that your glove is as unique as you, with a one of a kind Diamond King glove. #NO-TWO-ALIKE is just that, one glove, one design and never duplicated.


Each Diamond King Glove comes complete with some great additions.


Travel in style with the Diamond King branded cotton glove bag.

It's not just for good looks, the glove bag has many other purposes such as:

Storing the glove from extreme weather, protects the glove from cuts and scrapes or in the off-season to help to keep the glove shape when strapped a ball in the pocket.

diamond king baseball softball glove carry bag
leather glove conditioner baseball diamond king restore shine protects
100% natural

A sample size of the all-natural Glove Conditioner specially formulated for Diamond King Gloves & Mitts. 

The Glove Conditioner softens, cleans, protects, enhances the color and restores the leather. It's easy to use with a cloth or directly on the the glove with your finger tip.

glove Leather types

This is the baseline leather for baseball gloves. Best all-around glove for younger players and beginners. It is lightweight and very flexible from the get-go. Cowhide is a solid leather that will perform well and break-in fast.

Shop Cowhide Leather Gloves

Steerhide is one of the most popular and durable types of leathers in the game today. It's a highly popular choice among advanced and pro players. Steerhide leather is incredibly durable, and tough to break in, but once the leather loosen up, it’s the glove you will never want to take off.

Shop Steerhide Leather Gloves

Kip leather is new to the glove game but since it's introduction it has become a very sought after leather. Widely used in more luxurious high-end gloves. Kip leather is known to be soft, strong and available in a wide range of colors. Kip leather has been tested and approved by the everyday hardworking professional ball player.

Shop Kip leather Gloves

add your own twist

and make it personal


Diamond King Baseball & Softball Gloves & Mitts are cut, shaped and put together by professional master craftsmen the entire way through the process. The process is a sacred art and only the best of the best are still around.

A Diamond King glove is specifically made with industry standard professional glove leather. Designed with this in mind our craftsmen only break-in the glove about 30% of the way, leaving about 70% of the break-in for the player to shape and form the glove to their liking and to better fit their hand.

Diamond King gloves are tested and approved by high level players who, with their detailed feedback also help to improved glove design. In short, players really enjoy a DK Glove – no matter where they play on the diamond.

We produce a glove that functions as an extension of the athlete, helping them take their game to the next level. Visit DK Custom Glove Builder to design your own glove – we offer a free lifetime repairs on all fielding or training gloves and mitts, all part of our Glove Restoration+.

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