About us

The Beginning

Hot Hitters Sports got its start in 2017 as a regional brand of sporting goods products. Felix Brown, who founded Hot Hitters, brought the innovative idea of centering a complete line of products on 1 simple principles – offer baseball & softball players an alternative to big name brands, with gear that are both Comfortable and high in Quality without having to overspend. Over the years Hot Hitters has affiliated with top baseball and softball players and team throughout France, Spain, The Nederlands and the rest of Europe. 

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Today, Hot Hitters continues to grow, expanding its business from batting gloves to custom made baseball fielding gloves, training gloves, clothing, baseball accessories and much more. With all these options and an always expanding list of products, it was only necessary that we teamed up with big name postal & shipping companies such as Collissimo, Chronopost, FedEx, TNT Express, and Mondial Relay. Offering our baseball and softball hungry clients multiple delivery options such as standard, express, pick-up point, next day and even Saturday deliveries.

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The Hot Hitter logo is a symbol for confidence, excitement and optimism. 
The Flame is a symbol demonstrating the energy that every player has within themselves. 
A flame, that once ignited cannot be extinguished. 

The Mission

To provide quality baseball and softball accessories that are both comfortable and affordable for the athlete to best express him-/herself on the field.