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pro-grade wood

Experience our handcrafted, pro quality wood baseball bats. All bats are manufactured in the EU.

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The sound of solid contact

Pro-Grade Maple

Did you know?

Maple wood

Maple is a dense wood with a slightly heavier feel and has the hardest hitting surface. Recent polls show that MLB players prefer maple bats over the rest. But why..? Because maple bats are very rigid, and this gives them tremendous pop.

Ash Wood

Ash has a lighter feel and great flexibility. Ash has more flex, and some players like this because the ash wood bat can feel like it gives them a little more whip. The downfall with ash is that it breaks down with repeated use, and that’s simply because of the nature of the wood grains.

Birch wood

Birch simply put is a combination bat. Birch has the hardness of a maple bat and flexibility at the point of contact that is almost similar to Ash.