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Should I put a grip on my bat or not, if so what kind?

Let’s face it, hitting the ball is a difficult task and it’s even more so if you can’t keep a proper grip on the bat. Personal preferences aside, we can all learn a thing or two about the various bat grip options and how they can work for you.
There are 5 basic options for grips (1) athletic tape (2) Polymer Grips (3) Pine tar (4) batting gloves or (5) bare hands. 

Here are our recommendations on how to keep your hands on the bat.

1. Athletic Tape 

Athletic tape allows you to customize your grip to the exact way you want it, actually tape doesn’t give you that much of a better grip. You can add tape to make the handle thicker or change the feel of the knob. Again, it’s a matter of feel and comfort, play around with it to see what you like best.

2. Polymer grips 

This bat grip type has gotten very popular in recent years. They are an upgrade to the athletic tape and aluminium bats grip. Polymer grips eliminate the need for pine tar of any kind and a cool way to add some swag to your bat as the grips come in multiple colors and patterns.

3. Pine tar

On a new or old bat, it’s still the best and most used way to get a proper grip on the bat. The tacky and often glue like feel on a bat is what we are referring to as pine tar.

Pine Tar Liquid

Old skool pine tar “liquid pine tar” comes in an easy squeeze bottle that should first be applied to a rag then to a bat. To get the best grip out of this type of pine tar, it’s best to smack a rosin bag on the pine tar a couple times (on the bat) depending on how thick and sticky you would like it to be. Usually pine tar is placed above where the hands grip the bat so you can grab for tackiness and then apply to the handle conveniently.

Pine Tar Sticks

New school “pine tar sticks” are a great option, it is less messy, easier to apply and very easy to keep in your equipment bag. The stick is applied similarly to the liquid pine tar, right above the hands on the handle. The pine tar stick can also be added directly to the handle.

4. Batting gloves

Batting gloves are the most common and popular choice when it comes to bat grip. The thin piece of leather that goes around your hand creates a barrier between the between you the batter and hitter bat’s. Batting gloves are a must have when using tar for example as the tar would have a better bind with the leather of the gloves than it would have with your hands. just remember to always store your gloves in a dry place away from a heat source or on hot surfaces.

5. Bare hands

When nothing else works going bare hands is what this group of hitters choose. Hitting with your bare hands sometimes give certain people a better grip. Hitting with bare hands is usually done by those hitters with naturally sweaty hands or those who want avoid getting blisters to their hands from the creases of batting gloves and it's frictions on the bat. 

Final Remarks

This topic is all about personal preference. Many people say use tape, other use a ProHitter thumb guard, others like the grips, and some just go plain Jane and use their bare hands. None of these methods would stop the sting from the bat or make your grip super strength, but it will help the bat feel better in your hands which will allow you to hit with more confidence when at the plate.

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