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How to Properly Store your Glove

Keeping your glove investment safe.

So this one hits home a little too hard for me.

Why? Because I’m a big culprit of not properly storing my glove when I’m not using it.

And, it gets worse when I’m traveling to go play somewhere. It’s so bad that upon arriving and unpacking my bags I, usually end up having two flat gloves, one is my actual flat glove (pancake glove) and the other would be my game glove that would have turned into a flat glove during the trip.

Really… this is no bueno!

By now you may be asking yourself, how is this repeat offender going to teach me techniques on how to store away my glove. Well, despite my certain flaws in the glove storing department I have had a lot of experience during the past few years with keeping gloves (mine or others) in shape. Working closely with the professional craftsmen at the factory that makes Hot Hitter fielding gloves and mitts also helps broaden my field of knowledge in a major way. 

So without further delay, here’s my list.

During the off-season

In the cold winter months or when your glove is less frequently in use, you should:

  • Store your glove in a cool, dry place, or even at room temperature.

Remember, a glove‘s leather, whether pig, cow or steer is made from organic material that will deteriorate if left in extreme elements for extended periods of time. Therefore, never leave it in your equipment bag, near a heater, or outside for extended periods of time as this will damage the leather and shorten the glove’s lifespan.

  • On a shelve

With the thumb and pinky fingers down touching the shelve. In other words, with the palm of the glove facing the shelve and away from a heater or direct sunlight. (I recommend putting the glove in the glove bag that it came with or any other will do, on a shelve with the thumb and pinky)

During the season:

In the spring, summer and fall when baseball is in full swing your glove will be used more frequently, and naturally more will need to be done when storing it.

  • Paracord or Laundry loop

For starters, if it’s warm weather  you may want to use a laundry loop or paracord to hook your glove up to the outside of your bag so it air dries. Air drying your glove will help avoid any potential moisture and bacteria from building up inside the finger walls, wrist and hand zones of the glove which can cause your glove and hand to stink when in use.

  • Glovebag

A glove bag, may be just enough for many of us who use our glove on a regular basis. A glove bag has many purposes such as:

  1. Stores the glove from the elements such as extreme warmth or cold.
  2. Protects the glove from cuts and scrapes.
  3. Helps to keep the glove shape by strapping the glove with a ball in the pocket

These are two simple and quick techniques that can be done without much effort or money. But, there are other options such as specialized glove bags or shape holders that keep the glove shape and at the same time protect it, some of these bags includes the Hive Glove Bag, Buck Athletics Glove Guardian, or even the Markwort Glove Guard. All are good and viable options depending on your budget. No matter what you choose, just remember if you don’t take care of your glove, it will not last you a very long time.

Until next time, have a good day.

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